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    • PI - recycled ODA 인기글
    • Polyimide (sometimes abbreviated PI) is a polymer of imide monomers. Polyimides have been in mass production since 1955. With their high heat-resistance, polyimides enjoy diverse applications in roles demanding rugged organic materials, e.g. high temperature fuel cells, displays, and various militar...
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    • PPS 인기글
    • Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) is an organic polymer consisting of aromatic rings linked by sulfides. Synthetic fiber and textiles derived from this polymer resist chemical and thermal attack. PPS is used in filter fabric for coal boilers, papermaking felts, electrical insulation, film capacitors, spec...
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    • LCP 인기글
    • LCPLiquid crystallinity in polymers may occur either by dissolving a polymer in a solvent (lyotropic liquid-crystal polymers) or by heating a polymer above its glass or melting transition point (thermotropic liquid-crystal polymers).Liquid-crystal polymers are present in melted/liquid or solid form....
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    • MPPO 인기글
    • Polyphenyloxide modified – modified polyphenylene ether (mPPO- mPPE): amorphous polymer belonging to the family of polyethers. It is often defined AMENDED (usually with an “m” before or after the abbreviation) because it is a blend: PPO (or PPE) is a pure polymer extremely difficult to transform, th...
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    • PA46 인기글
    • PA 46 is primarily used in higher temperature ranges where stiffness, creep resistance, continuous heat stability and fatigue strength are required. Therefore PA 46 is suitable for high quality applications in plant engineering, electrical industry and in automotive industry.
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    • PA9T 인기글
    • PA9T’s melting point is 306 C (583 F), meaning that no modification is needed to suppress the melting point (as is typically required for PA6T types) so that the material can be molded. Another favorable feature of PA9T is water absorption almost as low as PBT and considerably lower than for any ...
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    • PA6T 인기글
    • PA6T is a heat resistant, modified polyamide with a high melting point (320 °C 0) and a rigidity level comparable to super engineering plastics, it possesses strong dimensional stability and chemical resistance. In addition, the effect of water absorption, which is a traditional weakness of polyamid...
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    • PPA 인기글
    • Polyphthalamide (aka. PPA, High Performance Polyamide) is a subset of thermoplastic synthetic resins in the polyamide (nylon) family defined as when 55% or more moles of the carboxylic acid portion of the repeating unit in the polymer chain is composed of a combination of terephthalic (TPA) and isop...
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