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PA9T’s melting point is 306 C (583 F), meaning that no modification is needed to suppress the melting point (as is typically required for PA6T types) so that the material can be molded.

Another favorable feature of PA9T is water absorption almost as low as PBT and considerably lower than for any other nylon. Moisture absorption is about 10% of levels typical for nylon 46, 15% of that for nylon 66, and 33% of those for PA6T high-temperature nylons (see graph).

Genestar reportedly exhibits greater toughness at elevated temperature than do nylons 66 and 46, mostly due to PA9T’s higher glass-transition temperature (125 C) and higher crystallinity. Its resistance to abrasion and low coefficient of friction are said to exceed the performance of many other nylons as well as acetal and LCP.

Another performance advantage for PA9T is outstanding resistance to attack by chemicals and fuels. Resistance to alcohol, acid, calcium chloride, hot water, and other fluids surpasses that for almost all existing nylons, although it falls short of that of PPS. PA9T provides an excellent fuel barrier that exceeds the performance of nylons 6 and 12 by a factor of 10 and comes close to levels for ETFE fluoropolymer. This combination of properties is favorable in automotive under-the-hood applications, comments Maekawa.

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